Move to Naples – A Three Year Plan

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Move to Naples

When I decided I had had enough of Boston winters, I started researching cities in warmer climates.  I didn’t want to see temps under 65 degrees, ever.  So I had to go tropical.  I set my sites on a 3 year plan so no one would say I being impulsive!  I zeroed in on Naples due to its natural beauty, proximity to Fort Myers International Airport, and west coast sunsets.

The Rental Market is Hot

Buy now, and rent your investment out until you are ready to move to Naples.  You have two rental options.  Seasonal, with a high monthly rate, or annual, with a steady income stream and less maintenance (turnover).

Naples is Getting Younger

Most people think of Florida as the land of snowbirds and retirees.  Naples, however, is enjoying a more metropolitan flair with booming restaurants and nightlife at Mercado. Also we’re seeing an influx of younger professionals.  With international companies like Arthrex, Cyclebar and not one, but two Ritz Carltons, Naples is a viable option for young people getting started in their careers. So don’t wait to move to paradise!  You can make a living and live in the happiest town in America.

Virtual Careers

If you don’t go into an office everyday, moving to your dream city is easier than ever.  As long as you have internet, you can work.  And for business travel, if you are within an hour of a major airport, you’re good to go!

Living in a Vacation Destination

I want to pinch myself when I hear people talking about their flights home and how they only have two more days to enjoy Naples.  I truly cannot believe I live here, and it is easy living.  It wasn’t hard to move to Naples full-time once I put my mind to it.  The biggest obstacle was thinking it was just a place to go on vacation.  If this is the paradise that people move to once they have worked hard their whole lives, I didn’t want to wait. I wanted to be here now.

Please leave comments and contact me if you want to get started on your 3 year plan to move to Naples.






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