Workout when you travel

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We’ve all been there, we get on a roll at the gym and then a big trip comes. “Oh no,” we might think, “All my progress lost.” Not true, I have some experience with traveling and staying on track with fitness goals. Below are two suggestions that I encourage every traveler to take with them to keep fitness a priority.

1.) Book classes where you are vacationing.

There is probably a CycleBar, Title Boxing Gym, or Club Pilates in the area you plan to visit. Plan class visits. That’s it! Make the class another vacation pitstop, plus signing up will hold you accountable. The hotel health club never held anyone accountable.

2.) Plan your meals

Going on vacation can be stressful on our healthy dining lifestyles, and some people use the trip as an excuse to “free-lapse on less-than-healthy food. So, plan your restaurant visits. Where you want to go and eat. Simple.

Be sure to check out my article on “Traveling in style.”

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